RNA binding stimulates CBP HAT activity, histone acetylation and transcription Read more Epigenetics of aging: Senescent human lung fibroblasts stained for markers of TASCC (red) and DAPI (blue) Read more Read more Cross section of Camponotus ant brains showing cell bodies (blue) and Synapses (red) Read more p53 binds to introns, promoters, enhancers and distal sites to modulate gene expression Read more Round and elongating spermatids exhibit unique chromatin configurations Read more Different castes of Camponoutus exhibit large phenotypic differences in behavior and morphology
Shelley L Berger


Our lab focuses on mechanisms that regulate gene expression with a special emphasis on how the DNA-packaging structure of chromatin is manipulated during genomic processes. Our findings inform the study of cancer and other diseases, and ultimately drug discovery.

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